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Pass-through dishwasher with steam condenser



Pass-through dishwasher with steam condenser Volt 400/3/N 50Hz

*Straight or corner version

*Stainless steel construction 18/10 AISI 304
*Soft-touch electronic control panel
*New control panel with interactive graphic display
*Digital thermometers
*Complete programming of all the washing parameters
*Programming of the timing of detergent, and rinse-aid
*Cycle counter
*Service maintenance function
*Constante rinse boiler system (RCB) 
*Steam condenser with heat recuperation
*Break tank system SRS
*Rinsing booster pump 
*Self washing wash cycle
*Double insulated wall 
*Drawn tank with self-cleaning bottom
*stainless steel wash and rinse arms 
*Rotating lower and upper wash
*Rotating lower and upper rinse 
*Integral tank drawer filters
*Automatic cycle start at hood shutting
*Automatic tank loading 
*Safety device for hood opening
*Constante rinse boiler system (RCB) 
*Economy thermostat
*Rinse aid dispenser

*Issue :2 baskets for dishes - 1 general basket - 1 basket for 24 dishes in white rilsan steel - 2 cutlery containers

*Certifications : CE

cod.AC00232 Timed dispenser for liquid detergent
cod.AC00050 Tank drain unit with filter
cod.AC00125 Entry or exit side table with lower shelf 700mm

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