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Lamber's world

We think about the future designing the present

Flexibility and high computerization of the production's process to adapt it to every customer's requirements and desires, production and delivery's systems "just in time": thanks to a constant innovation and to an able organization, Lamber could become during these years an important reality of reference in its field. Lamber' s initial strategy, directed to expand its presence on the international markets, allows it today to sell in the foreign market more than 80% of its production. In the 3 works in Lodivecchio, equipped with the most innovative technological systems, since many years Lamber designs, manufactures and sells avant-garde dishwashers all over the world.



Lamber since more than 50 years...anticipates the future

It was in 1948 that Raimondo Affaba, established his first business in the sector of dairy equipment washing. A decade later, he also started up a new company, which manufactured industrial washing machines for the hotel sector. Even at the Time, Affaba showed his strong vocation for innovation, a property that led his firm to a position of leadership among the producers of unit and system washing machines. Subsequently, in 1976, with the contribution of his 5 sons, the company LAMBER was established. Today the accent still lies very much on innovation, which now exploits cutting-edge information technology in the areas of design and manufacture - while keeping a close contact with the creative and careful input of man.

The future

We build the present by designing the future

Thanks to a continue technological innovation in all firm's environments, a careful design, a continue engagement in the research of innovative solutions, Lamber can offer on the market a product that is in the van both in design and in the offered technical solutions.

Production area

What happens to Lamber when a product is requested?

Design according to parameters of functionality and aesthetics; selection and purchasing of raw materials; processing which gain synergies from some of the most sophisticated information technologies and expert human skills; then assembly, test-run, packing, and shipment. At Lamber, the manufacturing process is seen as a specific response to our costumer's needs. Because by creating "in-house" all the processing stages means consistently ensuring the highest quality control. And the ISO 9001 certification is perhaps the crown of the management's strategy and of an activity begun back in 1948.


Quality and certification

Quality as constant reference of the daily work.

Company certification

Always in the van in design and production of industrial dishwashers for the public catering, today Lamber offers to its customers, in more than 30 nations all over the world, an additional guarantee of quality. The prestigious accredited unit Det Norske Veritas issues to Lamber Industrial Dishwashers the Quality System Certificate conforms to the Quality System Standard UNI EN ISO 9001 for "design, manufacture and sale of industrial dishwashers". This certification confirms Lamber's continue engagement towards the total quality as guarantee of an efficient and reliable service.

Quality Policy

Product certification

Equipped with an internal "design and research" department, Lamber has been able to obtain the highest certifications in its sector. In Lamber's opinion "vocation to the foreign markets" means to manufacture respecting the most restrictive laws, to be able to satisfy the demand of the markets, in particular of the most advanced ones. An experience that translates itself in a design that uses the most sophisticated computerized technologies, and in a study which meets with and anticipate the requirements of the always developing market.


Spare parts

Lamber offers an on-line service of research and spare-parts-order also for no longer manufactured models. It's possible to gain access to this service by registering yourself to receive immediately password and access login.

Service manual

Our on-line Service Manual contains all necessary information to help you to know in a whole way our products and for a more and more careful design of your washing areas. You may download specifications, brochures, instruction manuals, wiring diagrams and price lists.

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Washing plants layout

Specific and detailed products for your wash- areas.

The high flexibility of Lamber's designing system and its multi-year experience in the realisation of washing plants allow today to Lamber to completely satisfy the customers' requirements with custom-made projects, by supplementing a big range of dishwashers' models with all the necessary systems of dishes' feed, handling, cleaning and stocking.


Join the research of new avant-garde solutions and the qualities of products which are able to win the challenge of the daily work: this is Lamber's mission. Where the meeting point among design, functionality and ergonomics of use is able to become also synonym of hygiene.


For environment and human being's respect

ECO-WASH logo distinguishes all Lamber's products with reduced environmental impact, for a considerable reduction of energy use and an operating costs saving.

For us the environment's respect is more than an engagement. It means being deeply conscious and totally sensible about the environmental matters during every phase of the industrial cycle, from the design to the production. As a further evidence of our traditional concern for environment issues and commitment, we are certified CE-UL-NSF-BELGAQUA-GHOST-ENERGY STAR and ISO 9001.

Respect for environment is a key issue for our company.

In 2011, we installed a photovoltaic plant with a production capacity of 200.000 kWh a year. Considering that for each kWh of energy produced from traditional energy sources, CO2 emissions in the atmosphere are of 0,48 kg, thanks to this new eco-friendly production CO2 atmosphere emissions are reduced to 96.000 kg/year. Not only the new ECO-WASH devices guarantee an electricity consumption reduction up to 50% ( L305-CV, - F840-CV - Heat Pump CVCP) but are also highly biocompatible. The product and firm's certifications guarantee our traditional engagement. The less water and detergent's consumption in the different washing phases, the SRS and WATER PURIFIER systems and the lesser and lesser energy consumption efficiency being equal, make Lamber products more and more convenient for operating costs and quality of the done service. Bigger noiselessness and lesser heat emissions. Technical and technological solutions which mean also a better liveability of your working environment.