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Pass-through multi-function utensil-washer PT800-dy with Interactive graphic display

*Pass-through multi-function utensil-washer Volt 400/3/N 50Hz
*Stainless steel construction 18/10 AISI 304
* Soft-touch electronic control panel
* Control panel with interactive graphic display
* Wash and rinse temperature electronic display
* Washing period cycle 2-3-4 minutes + endless cycle
* Complete programming of all the washing parameters
* Cycle counter
* Automatic OFF
* Automatic repetition
* Service maintenance function
* Constante rinse boiler system (RCB) 
* Tank with double insulated wall
*Self-cleaning tank with slanting bottom
*Stainless steel wash and rinse arms 
*Rotating lower and upper wash arms with 4 spokes
*Rotating lower and upper rinse
*Rinse system with incorporated booster pump
*3 extractable tank filters
*Automatic tank loading 
*Door opening safety device 
*Counterbalanced doors with S.S. big handle
*Extractable control panel
*Issue :1 S.S. generic basket, 1 S.S: insert for 3 pans 
1 basket for 28 Pizza plates ø310,1 basket for 34 soup/plates
*Certifications: CE.

cod.AC01000 Double insulating wall for hood;
cod.AC00850 Lateral entry-exit table with lower table in stainless steel
cod.0500055 Peristaltic detergent pump 
cod.AC00561 Incorporated drain pump


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