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UNDERCOUNTER DISHWASHER with Interavtive Graphic Display


*Cod. AA00502
* Undercounter dishwasher Volt 230 50Hz
* Stainless steel construction 18/10 AISI 304
* Soft-touch electronic control panel
* Control panel with interactive graphic display
* Wash and rinse temperature electronic display
* Washing cycle 60"-120"-180" sec.-endless cycle
* Complete programming of all the washing parameters
* Cycle counter
* Service maintenance function
* Constante rinse boiler system (RCB) 
* Self washing cycle
*Double skin 
*Stainless steel wash and rinse arms 
*Rotating lower and upper wash
*Fixed upper rinse and rotating lower rinse
*Tank with slanting bottom
*Integral tank filter
*Automatic tank loading 
*Door opening safety device 
*Rinse aid dispenser
*Thermocontrol (device which guarantees the selected temperature for every rinsing cycle even in case of non-stop work) 
*Extractable control panel
*Issue :
2 baskets for dishes
1 general basket 
1 cutlery container

*Certifications : CE

cod.AA00505 Incorporated Water-softener with automatic regeneration "045F-dy-add"


cod.AC00221 Timed dispenser for liquid detergent 
cod.AC00050 Tank drain unit with filter
cod.AC00042 Stainless steel base with lower open place h.575 mm

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