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Linear 100-dy


* Body and tank stainless steel construction 18/10 AISI 304, 12/10 thick 
* Tunnel composition:
- 1 Pre-Wash - wash arms : 3 upper + 2 lower
- 1st Wash - wash arms : 4 upper + 4 lower
- 2nd Wash - wash arms : 4 upper + 4 lower
- 3rd Wash - wash arms : 4 upper + 4 lower
- 1 Ecorinse (additional rinse) 600 mm- rinse arms : 1 upper + 1 lower
- 1 Rinse - rinse arms 600 mm : 1  upper + 1 lower
* Completely automatic
* Upper and lower fixed washing ( 60 °C )
* Ecorinse system for reduction in consumption of water, energy, detergent
* Upper and lower fixed rinsing ( 85-90 °C )
* Drawing washing tanks with with rounded edges
* The drain valve allows to automatically empty the tanks
* Stainless steel wash and rinse arms, easy to disassemble and change 
* Double skin with thermic and acoustic insulation 
* Slanted tank with rounded edges
* Stainless steel self-emptying wash pumps
* Counterbalanced door

The new touch control display is dedicated to temperature management only!

The touch control facilitates programming operations. There are three different types of management: for the operator, for the maintenance technician and factory data.
The interactive display allows you to view the temperatures and program all the values to be set for all the functions available in the dishwasher.

A digital display provides you with information on washing operations!
The advantages of the electronic controls allow a constant  monitoring of the different washing phases and, by the information display,
it’s possible to visualize all the information in a more immediate and complete way.

* Front panel composition:
1 - Low tension keyboard drives
2 - A Digital display indicates the temperatures of different tanks
Sequential visualization of inlet/washing/rinse water temperature
Single visualization of the other temperatures through push selector switch
3 - PCB-board programming according to the type of machine and to the customer's demand
4 - Alerts and functions showed on a display
Warning light indicating "door open"or absence of overflow (when present)
Limit switch alarm
Water-fail alarm (tank loading)
Fluxmeter alarm (when present)
Thermic relays alarm motors
Signaling of various functions and cycles starting 
5 - Rinse boiler filling at daily starting 
6 - Speed selection push button or machine running with motor drive off
7 - Drying push button and light (when present)
8 - Pre-rinse push button and light (when present)
9 - Autotimer push button and light (when present)
10 - Rinse light
11 - Fluxmeter light (when present)
12 - Basket entry light (when present)
13 - Washing tank water level light
* Belt conveyor with stainless steel chain and roll in nylon for a silent sliding
* Frontal maintenance
* Water protection
* Loading modular bracket with table for dishes bearing
* Automatic tank loading 
* Electronic Thermometers for automatic control temperatures
of the wash and rinse tanks
* Start and Stop button in entry-exit machine
* Rinse economizer
* Tank and pump filters 
* Insulated Boiler

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